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Hold a sweepstakes

Offering a sweepstakes can increase sign-ups significantly by giving your customers a chance to win a meaningful prize.

When creating a sweepstakes:

  1. It is very important to be clear that new subscribers are not only entering the sweepstakes, but are also opting into your mobile list to receive ongoing texts from you.
    • You can use a statement such as, “Join the Bistro One Mobile Fan Club and be entered to win a free dinner for two, with wine included”.
  2. Select a meaningful prize that is popular with your customers. It is likely to cost less to award a relatively expensive prize to one person than it does to give every new subscriber a promotion.
  3. Follow some easy sweepstakes rules:
    • Describing the prize clearly.
    • Providing an alternate means of entry, such as a paper entry form at your register.
    • Providing clear information on the duration of the contest and how and when winners are selected. For example, you can randomly select one winner per month, on the first day of the month.
    • Specifying that no purchase is required for entry.
    • See more sweepstakes guidelines below

Sweepstakes Guidelines

If you choose to offer a sweepstakes to encourage sign-ups for your mobile fan club, you will need to provide some basic information about the sweepstakes in written form. The contents should include:

  • A notification that no purchase is necessary.
  • A description of the sweepstakes, including its start and end dates.
  • Eligibility requirements, including how many entries per person and any restrictions on who can enter.
  • Information on how to enter, including an Alternative Means of Entry such as a paper form.
  • Information on how to win, including how and when the winner is selected and how the winner will be notified.
  • A detailed description of the prize including the retail value.
  • If you’re unsure what to do you should consult a lawyer.

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