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Pick your Welcome Offer

The more valuable your offer, the more fans will join your Fan Club and the more repeat sales you will make so choose a good one! Remember that your fan is providing you with something valuable—his/her affiliation on Facebook, email, or mobile phone number.

Turbo-boost sign-ups and Likes by creating a sweepstakes. Learn more.

We call a great offer One Big Ass Offer and it’s:

  • at least as good—and ideally better than—any other offer you use regularly
  • exclusive to your Fan Club members
  • easy to understand with no complicated terms or conditions
  • can be used right here, right now. After all, who can resist redeeming an offer when they’re already at your business?

Almost any type of promotion can serve as a Welcome Offer:

  • Win FREE movie rentals for a YEAR
  • Win dinner for two when you join our Fan Club
  • Win a free pair of shoes (up to $100 value)
  • Get 20% off your entire purchase
  • Get 50% off one item
  • Get a FREE t-shirt when you buy one
  • Get a free scented candle when you join…
  • Free lotion sample when you join…
  • We will donate $1 to [cause] for every new Fan

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